Saturday, March 17, 2012

Snack Jars

For Valentine's day this year, I wanted to do something on the cheap, but still fun and personal. I came up with the idea to make snack jars for Joe to keep on his desk at work. He is blessed with great genes and can eat anytime, anywhere and not gain a pound. I'm pretty sure he still within 5 pounds of his weight from when we got married!

I found these glass canisters at Target. I saw them and knew they would work perfect.
 Since I had three, I thought "YUM" would be charming to etch on the canisters. I printed out the letters in the size and font I wanted and cut them out. Now here is the tricky part (and I have no pictures!) I put the letter on the sticky side of contact paper, so that when I adhered the contact paper to the canister, the letter would be facing the correct way.

Then I used an Exacto knife to cut around the letter, thus creating my own stencil...I have to get creative when I don't own a silhouette. Someday. I then covered the exposed glass with etching cream and let it set for 5 minutes.
 Then rinse off the etching cream and check to see if there are any areas that didn't etch completely. Do those areas over again. I find that if I don't put a thick enough layer of cream on the glass, the etch looks spotty.
 Remove the contact paper, and voila! you have some super cute canisters that any husband would be proud of.
 Joe may or may not have put them on top of his filing cabinet so all his colleagues could see them when they walked past... gosh I love that man.
 Each time a snack runs out, I just buy him a different treat to put in it to keep snacks interesting.

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