Friday, October 28, 2011

Carseat cover

Since we found out we are having a baby girl, I knew the carseat we used the first time around was not going to work. The fabric was blue with brown accents. Cute, but not what I wanted for my girl!

I got my original idea for it from,  you guessed it: Make it and Love it! She really is so talented. I won't even begin to do a tutorial, since on my end there was a lot of ripping seams and fudging pieces together and such that Ashley's tutorial does more justice. Having used the old cover as a template made the job a whole lot easier, and so I am glad I did it.

I wanted the fabric I picked to be somewhat neutral, in the case our next one is a boy. So I picked colors/patterns that would work for both. But let me tell you, I LOVE these prints. I found them all at
 So darling, isn't it? I can just imagine a little tiny baby snuggled up in this already.
 Like Ashley at Make it and Love it, I wanted to reuse as much of the original carseat as possible. If you notice, the edging as well as the brown panels in the canopy are the same as the original. This made my job a lot easier and saved me several hours of work.
The deconstruction of the seat took about as much time as the construction, about 13-14 hours in all for both, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. I think my husband would not be happy if I were to do it for myself, so if any of you want it done and don't need your carseat for a few weeks....

lets chat. :)

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Lindsey @ Better After said...

I am in awe of people like you who can do this kind of thing! It looks better than new! Great job Amber!