Monday, March 7, 2011

nursing cover

Today's project is an answer to many, many women's prayers. A lot of you can sympathize with trying to nurse your baby while out and about, with only a receiving blanket to cover you up. or just your shirt. I'm rather shy about anything showing, and that includes my stomach and sides! These nursing covers are all over the place, but I like making them just for the recipient, just how they like it.

I had no idea what I was doing when I started, but had an idea of how it should turn out. ha.

The first one I made, she wanted it double sided. We found 2 fabrics, boning, and a pair of D-rings. I used a yard of fabric for each piece so it would cover really well.

The boning is used to make the space between the neck strap bow out for easier viewing of the baby.
I was very pleased with out it came out!

A double sided cover can get pretty hot, especially in Arizona and in the summer. When my sister had a baby, I just made a single layered one, with lighter fabric so the baby wouldn't suffocate.
If you want to embark on a nursing cover on your own, there are lots of tutorials to be found. My go-to is always Ashley at Make it and Love it. Her tutorials are always easy to follow, plus she has lots of other crafts and sewing tips.

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