Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nursery Dresser

This project was a fast and easy one. and cheap.

A neighbor gave me a dresser when I was still in college. It has really good bones to it, so I just couldn't see it going to waste! The original color is white, so I just did a top coat of white again to freshen up the color.

I hated the knobs, so I did a cheap-o makeover using leftover paint from the baby's room to paint the knobs.
You see where I left the wood exposed? makes it easier for painting, but then I cover it with matching scrapbook paper. To do this, I started by using the knobs to draw an outline for the circles. For the handles, I measured how wide I wanted the paper to go, and cut strips of that width that were about 3 inches long.

Attach with mod podge. See that little slit? I cut that to overlap the edges so I wouldn't get bubbles in the paper.

 The next step is to mod podge over the paper to seal it on and let it dry for several hours.

And now you have cute updated knobs/handles!

So there is your new dresser on the cheap. I love the pop of color against the white. If I had my wish, however, I would definitely get some of these lovely knobs from Anthropologie:

Darling, I tell you.

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Kyle and Jillian said...

So Cute. I love the color as well!