Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kids monograms and message board

For Christmas 2 years ago, I wanted to make something super cute for my sister's family, since I had their names for gifts. I wanted to stay away from one large gift for the whole family to help each kid feel special.

I decided to make monograms for each child to hang in their room.

Mod Podge was definitely my best friend again on this one. With all the little things I added, I was afraid they would pop off or the letter stickers would peel, etc. So it mod podged over the whole thing once I was done. That stuff was not going anywhere!

For my sister and her husband, I bought a set of 8 shutters on ebay (got into a bidding war with someone). I REALLY wanted THESE shutters.

Using two, I painted them black and put them together with the hinges that came with them. The binder clips are supposed to hold messages on there, but I think the next time I make a set, I will need to come up with something different.
I think the next time, I want to make a shallow box with the shutters as doors. You would then open them up to find a chalkboard/white board inside.


Shelane said...

i was reading thru your posr and got to eli, and then kaitlyn, and then had to go back up to nathan to double check and was amazed when i saw daron and thought "thats hilarious! she must know my sister and here i am following her blog!"

sometimes (more often than not) i doubt my sanity. i think i got your blog mixed up with a blog you showed me while i was there.

made for some good self depracating entertainment!

The Moss Family said...

Next time on the shutters you could use close pins that you mod podge some fun scrap paper to make them cute or even paint them.
I love the blog by the way!! Cute stuff. :)

lynnissa said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these ideas!