Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Dad's Office

 Just after Christmas I was staying with my parents for 6 weeks, and I was just itching to help my dad finish decorating his study. He and my mom had done a wonderful job building the cabinets and desk. It just needed something else. So here is where I come in. Budget was key in this project, meaning lets do it for free. We came pretty close!

These are the before pictures (sorry for the cell phone pictures!). Notice the general disorganization and no curtains! This room was always very cold.

 And the after! With the bookshelf, the only thing I did was reorganize to add some character to the shelves.
Cost: Free!

 The new curtains, one of the only things we spent money on.  Mom, Dad and I built the little shelf above the curtains to hold knick knacks as well as act as a curtain rod holder.
Cost: wood for shelf, on hand; curtains $11/panel, curtain rods $8 (I think?): $134
Next up was the desk. The pictures were all in the room already, so we just moved them around. Previously, my dad just used a small bulletin board to pin up all his reminders. I thought he needed a more permanent, stylish solution. My mom and I screwed masonite to the wall, then spray glued 12"x12" pieces of cork to it (12 in all). We then grabbed some trim hiding in the garage and cut out little squares of wood, spray painted them black, and Presto! a beautiful bulletin board. We also stole the rug from the living room to use in here.
Cost: wood/trim and rug, on hand. Cork $3 for 4 panels: $12.
Future plans include creating a built-in file drawer under the desk with a shelf to house the printer. All in all, the job was just under $150. pretty good if you ask me!

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Tayna said...

I was there for this! I love how it turned out! And I love the new blog. :)